RATOS DE PORAO - Guidable: la verdadera historia

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Realizado por Blackvomit Filmes de Brasil, Guidable - La verdadera historia de Ratos de Porão no sólo une y rescata 121 minutos de documental, tambien a varias generaciones de una de las bandas de hardcore más importantes de la escena del mundo que todavía está activa, importante aporte a las grabaciones audiovisuales en el movimiento Punk en su país.

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RATOS DE PORAO - Guidable: la verdadera historia


2 DVD set 

  • DVD 1: Band History (120 min) 
  • DVD 2: Extra Material (Rare Gigs, Interviews, TV shows , Clips....) (360 min) 

The year was 2006. Marcelo Appezzato was already established as the lead singer of HUTT Sao Paulo, one of the largest national grindcore. Fernando Rick produced and directed by its producer Black Vomit films, the controversial video clip of Cowardice Plantãoda band Ratos de Porão.

Censorship of the video recorder by Deck Disc for its violent content, and recognition of media, fans and the band itself, Rick was invited by João Gordo to perform the following year, a documentary about the history of the band.

The task almost impossible for a low-budget independent production, lasted about two years. And had the baggage of Rick audiovisual and musical history of Marcelo.

To enroll nearly three-decade career, the pair interviewed, quite independently, the precursors of the punk movement in Brazil, as Redson, Clement and Fabian, searched hundreds of files on a photo, audio and video shows and performances in TV stations , domestic films on the subject, personal files of rare and unpublished current and former members of the band and all the people who somehow participated in this course, as Andreas Kisser and Iggor Cavalera.

The recordings took place between January 2007 and November 2008, the municipalities of São Paulo and Santos. In total, two years of production, more than 200 hours of interviews captured hundreds of scanned photos and countless hours of editing to make this project could become reality.

GUIDABLE - The True History of Ratos de Porão not only unites and rescues in 121-minute documentary, several generations of one of the most important hardcore bands of the world scene that is still in operation, serves as an important audiovisual recordings on the move Punk in the country.

The film also marks the debut of Fernando Rick and Marcelo Appezzato towards feature film.